Panasonic AW-HE50S

The AW-HE50S with HD/SD-SDI outstanding image quality enables easy integration for superior HD and SD productions.

The camera full HD MOS sensors (effective resolution 1920 x1080), along with Panasonic's exclusive Dynamic Range Stretch (DRS) technology and Hybrid 2D/3D Noise Reduction processing, to produce smooth, sharp HD video in a wide range of lighting conditions and environments.

The camera also incorporates a smooth and highly-accurate pan-tilt head that offers precise, fast, fluid movement in all directions, thereby enabling the capture of both slow and fast-moving objects without the excessive vibration and "bounce" previously associated with small pan-tilt cameras.

Panasonic AW-RP50

This remote camera controller unit can control up to one hundred AW-HE50 series cameras via IP, using RS-422 serial control and is capable of accessing up to 100 presets for each AW-HE50 Integrated PTZ camera.

The half-rack width RP50 has a simple, ergonomic design for easy operation in a wide range of applications.

In addition to easy, precise pan, tilt, zoom, focus, iris, white balance, black balance, and shutter adjustments, the RP50 also provides direct setting of detail, R/B gain, and R/B pedestal adjustments for convenient matching of video output.

Camera menu access is also provided for adjustment of other parameters.