RCP002 / 003

How to update

There are two possible types of updates for the RCP002: system updates and application updates. Application updates are usually small in size, just a few megabytes, and can be applied in a couple of minutes. System updates are usually a lot larger than application updates and its size can be as large as 3.5GB, but can also be as small as 700kB in some cases.

For an application version to work correctly the latest system update prior to that application version must have already been applied. When a system update is released, generally it includes the latest application update available to date.

As a general rule, users should not update a device's firmware unless issues are being experienced or something bad can happen if the installed firmware is used. Our opinion at Omnicam4Sky is the same, don't update unless you are experiencing issues or you are told by us to do so. Omnicam4Sky cannot be held responsible for firmware updates gone wrong caused by not following the instructions and precautions listed in the update procedure.

The firmware files available for download below are for manual updates only. Automated online updates should be carried out from the RCP002 whenever possible, but it is not possible yet because that functionality is not implemented yet.

While the firmware update downloads, please read the update instructions below.


Patch for OS versions prior to October 2nd 2017 (41.3MB): RCP002-201710021544

OS update after previous patch has been applied or for later versions (1.2GB): RCP002-201807201711

App update (1.2MB): RCP002-201903291112

App update (1.5MB) RCP002-202305081431  VX5 

The file names have the following format: RCP002-YYYYMMDDHHMM.upd (YYYY=Year; MM=Month; DD=Day; HH=Hour; MM=Minutes of file creation).

The file names should never be changed because there is information in the file that has to match the name correctly, otherwise the update will be refused by RCP

Update instructions

System updates should be installed in chronological order starting at the version just after the one that is installed in the RCP002 that you wish to update, ending at the most recent one. After updating the system, the application can be updated directly to the latest release.


  • Download the update file.
  • Copy the file to a USB thumb drive. Please do not change the file name, asit will invalidate the update. Also, do not use an external HDD, only a flash thumb drive is suitable for the update.
  • Insert the USB thumb drive in a free USB port on the RCP002.
  • Disconnect the power from the RCP002, wait a few seconds, then connect the power again.
  • The RCP002 will copy the file to itself and delete it from the USB thumb drive.
  • The RCP002 will then complete the update on its own.
  • When the RCP002 displays a dialog box with the result of the update, click Yes to acknowledge. The main application screen appears and the update is complete.
  • Please check that the RCP still displays the list of valid cameras. If not, please connect it to the Internet and update the licenses from our server or instead contact us and ask for an update license file for your device.

Update progress (Camera keys illumination patterns):

While the update is being performed by the RCP002, the camera selection keys illuminate in different patterns to report the update status. Here is the description of each pattern:

  • Running LEDs from left to right, with an interval between each run, repeats every secon: RCP002 is starting normally, happens before the update is performed and after a successful update (until the application finishes loading and starts controlling the key illumination).
  • Very fast running LEDs from left to right, with no pause between runs: The update is being copied from the USB thumb drive to the internal memory of the RCP002. Do not remove the thumb drive at this point.
  • Fast running LEDs from left to right but not so fast as the previous phase, with no pause between runs: The update file is being verified. This lasts from a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on the size of the update. At this point the USB thumb drive can be removed.
  • Slow running LEDs from left to right, with no pause between runs: The update is being programmed in the RCP002 flash memory. This is the slowest step of the upgrade, can take from a few seconds to over 40 minutes, depending on the update type and size.
  • All LEDs on: The update has failed for some reason. If the device is still operational, the application will take over the key illumination and clear this signaling, but you can also check for a successful update in the welcome screen.