Suspended Camera


Our  four cable winch system, enables a suspended camera to dynamically move freely through space capturing images from perspectives that a conventional camera cannot achieve, providing a unique view of a sports or other type of entertainment event.


Omnicam4Sky is an Research & Development Mediapro Company, specialized in the development, creation and building, of special systems with remote control for HD Television Cameras that bring, movement, emotion and realism to the broadcast.

Track Camera

OmniCam action at the 37th UEFA Super Cup played at the Stade Louis II in Monaco.

An annual football match organized by UEFA and contested by the reigning champions of the two main European club competitions, Champions League and UEFA Europa League winners.

High Speed Camera

HyMotion action at the 59th season of UEFA Champions League Final played at the Estádio da Luz in Lisbon, Portugal.

Special Cameras

Football Matchs Supplier

UEFA Champions League
· at Istanbul's Atatürk Olympic Stadium

Liga NOS (Portugal)
· 4Sky · MiniCam · HyMotion · MiniJib

La Liga (Spain)
· 4Sky · MiniCam · HyMotion · MiniJib

Pro League (Saudi Arabia)
· 4Sky

Arabian Gulf League (United Arab
· 4Sky · MiniCam · HyMotion 

Kuwait Premier League 
· 4Sky · MiniCam · HyMotion · MiniJib

Very Special Cameras

Omnicam4Sky is an R&D Company specialized in the creation, development and production of special cameras
and remote-controlled systems for HD cameras that bring movement, emotion and realism to the broadcast.

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Equipment Rental

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Suite Of Products

Special Camera Systems

4Sky V3.1

Suspended Camera System, a unique view of a sports or other entertainment event.

Steadicam Archer

A low cost and lightweight fully featured Steadicam rig 


Different models for multiple applications with our partner UAVision “military grade manufacturer”


A light crane that can be assembled in a few minutes where an ordinary crane cannot be used


Phantom V642, the unique ability to both record and playback ultra-slow motion (up to 2500fps) footage simultaneously

4Sky V4.0

Brand new 3 Axis stabilized head


A Track Camera System with remotely controllable Dolly  & Camera Head


Special pictures from special angles with full remote controlled cameras


With the sensitive, dynamic and high-capacity hydro-pneumatic suspension that Citroen C5's unique suspension has to offer


Go deeper with your pictures using our underwater Camera Systems 

Jimmy Jib

The industry standard remote camera crane for the past twenty-five years


A choice of PTZ´s tools that meets the universal standard for high-quality HD production

Pan & Tilt Mini Head

An affordable and compact design remote camera head for high-quality HD productions

RCP002 / 003

Universal remote camera control panel provides remote control for a range of broadcast cameras