The Omnicam4Sky universal remote camera control panel provides remote control for a range of broadcast cameras.

It will allow 4 cameras (of different makes and models) to be comprehensively remote-controlled from a single panel at the same time.

Our RCP fits easily into the standard slot of any OB-Van and can currently control:

  • Pacific Corporation VPC-HD2x/HD1x
  • Vision Research Phantom V64x/Miro
  • Toshiba IK-HR1D
  • Panasonic AW-HE40 / 50 AK-UB300
  • BMD camera via ATEM
  • BMD Teranex
  • O4S X5A / X5C
  • O4S HD20 / HD25 / HD1X
  • O4S box for BMD VDECP
  • DreamChip ATOM one 4K mini - RS-232 / RS-485

Other protocols are also available and can be added by request.

All camera main control adjustments can be adjusted via the intuitive control panel, with its tactile buttons and functional joystick of iris control.

Storage scene files are also available.